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12 Week Winter Workout Program for Pitchers

Created by Coach London Demetriou & Coach Danielle Rubin



Dana Shipley

Coach D & Coach London are awesome! Thank you so much for doing this! It's what I've prayed for to help our 12u daughter get stronger as a pitcher without overworking her (weight training) + focus more on mobility and injury prevention. Thank you for all of your hard work that you've put into this program!

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About the Program

The DR3 Fastpitch 12 Week Winter Work Workout Program for Pitchers was built to help you work out the kinks during the offseason.

You will develop body awareness, increase strength, flexibility, and mobility by using this educational training platform specifically designed for young ladies 10 to 18 years old.


In this program, we will be working on the mobility and flexibility of your shoulders, hips, and ankles.   We will focus on joint stabilization and mobilization and enhancing range of motion.  For strength training, we are going to be working on your core, glutes, shoulders, hips, and back. 

The 12 Week Winter Workout Program will not only expand your range of motion but help you get stronger through your full newfound range of motion.  The results are you will be strengthening the muscle groups used in pitching to increase overall velocity, stability, and accuracy.

In the pitching drill library, we will work on ground force (exploding off the rubber), horizontal force (delayed knee extension), separation (rotational power), whip (arm circle and release), and front side resistance (stick the landing).

There will be test outs for your ankle flexibility, shoulder range of motion, hip flexor range of motion, hamstring, and lower back. 

For accountability there are  

  • 12 week pitching log 
  • meal log 
  • goal planner 
  • pitching journal 
  • workout templates 
  • test outs
  • vocabulary sheet 

As a bonus, I also included a grip-strengthening program and my favorite bullpen from my college days. 

Mobility & Flexibility

  • shoulders, hips, ankles focus 
  • joint stabilization & mobilization 
  • enhance range of motion 



Strength Training 

  • core, glutes, shoulder, hips, back 
  • not only expanding range of motion, but get STRONG through your FULL & NEW found range of motion 
  • strengthening the muscle groups used in pitching to increase overall velocity & stability

Pitching Drill Library

  • arm unravel (whip)
  • delayed knee extension (horizontal force)
  • front side resistance 
  • separation (rotational power) 
  • glide & drive (ground/horizontal force)

Test Outs 

  • ankle flexibility 
  • shoulder range of motion 
  • hip flexor range of motion 
  • hamstring & low back




  • 12 week pitching log 
  • meal log 
  • goal planner 
  • pitching journal 
  • workout templates 
  • test outs
  • vocabulary sheet 


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