Mental Training Course for Pitchers: Strategies for Game Day/At Home Practice

Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents to help #TraintheBrain & #LevelUp your mental game! 


Are you ready to #TRAINTHEBRAIN & #LEVELUP your mental game IQ? 


 In this course, you will learn: 

  • How to handle pressure situations
  • How to prepare for games
  • How to handle anxiety
  • How to bring your "lesson tips" into a game
  • How to work on breathing during performance
  • Importance of pre/post-rehab
  • Scouting Tips
  • Bonus: Printable Activities Included
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Krystal Fries (Hailey)

Coach D's focus on the mental game is epic! She has been there for Hailey on some of her toughest days not just on the field but in life trying to navigate this world and becoming a teen. The connection she has made with Hailey is one that has changed her life. 

Crystal Fouts (Ava - Junior Instructor)

Thank you for training my daughter, especially on the mental side of the game! The mental side can be tough and learning to let it go, move forward and have a better plan for next time is key! Thank you for all the advice & tips. 

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