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Prodigy Pitching Academy

For Less than $10 a week, I will help transform your daughter into a confident, competitive pitcher

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Prodigy Pitching Academy is designed for Players and Parents just beginning their Fastpitch Softball Pitching Journey.  I am here to help you succeed and I want you to be secure in your purchase.  I take that commitment seriously and expect you to take it seriously too.  If during the first 7 days, you realize that this academy is not for you just contact me to request a full refund.  After, that the Academy is Month to Month and you can cancel anytime with no further commitment.


  • Foundation Building: Starting with the basics, we cover everything from grip and stance to pitching mechanics, ensuring a solid groundwork.
  • Interactive Lessons and Quizzes: Engaging, interactive modules keep young learners captivated while reinforcing key concepts.
  • Video Demonstrations: Visual learning is critical. Our high-quality videos demonstrate techniques clearly, making learning easier.
  • Parent and Coach Guides: Comprehensive guides for parents and coaches to help them become effective supporters in their daughter's journey.
  • Mental Skills Training: Incorporating mental strength is vital. We include simple yet effective strategies to build confidence and focus.
  • Regular Assessments: To track progress and identify areas for improvement.  

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Prodigy Pitching Academy

Where Future Pitching Stars are Born!

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1. Once you purchase this membership, you will be redirected to your member dashboard. 
2. You must make sure you log in to dr3fastpitch.com with the credentials used at checkout to access your member dashboard in the future for both the academy & community. 
3. Read the email you will receive post-purchase and follow those instructions.
4. You will then log into the academy & start with the Guide to Success! 

What People Are Saying:

Enrolling my daughter in the Prodigy Pitching Academy was a game-changer. From zero experience to excelling in her first season, the program not only honed her pitching accuracy but also instilled invaluable mental toughness. Coach D's personalized guidance and support were instrumental in her development. Seeing her growth on and off the field has been incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend this program to any parent looking to empower their child in fastpitch softball pitching.

Jacob B.

As a mom who knows nothing about softball and pitching, I'm immensely grateful for the Prodigy Pitching Academy and its community. My daughter, new to fastpitch pitching, thrived with personalized feedback from Coach D and peers. The community's camaraderie and accountability pushed her to excel. Witnessing her skill and confidence grow with each session has been incredibly rewarding. Thanks to Prodigy, she's not just learning to pitch – she's thriving!

Katie P.

As a coach in the rec department, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of the PPA for our young pitchers. Many of our players come in with little to no experience, and the academy has been an invaluable resource in helping them develop their skills and confidence on the mound. It's incredible to witness the growth and improvement in our players' abilities and mindset throughout the season. The Academy is not just shaping better pitchers – it's shaping better athletes and individuals.

Coach T.