Pitching 102: Whip It Right -  Mastering Rotational Pitching

Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents who want to learn how to Create a Fast & Fluid Whip by Moving the Body Correctly to:


 ✓ Increase Velocity

 ✓ Increase Movement

 ✓ Improve Accuracy

 ✓ Prevent Injuries

Pitching 102: Introduction to Rotational Pitching

Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents who want to learn how to Create a Fast & Fluid Whip by Moving the Body Correctly to:


 ✓ Increase Velocity

 ✓ Increase Movement

 ✓ Improve Accuracy

 ✓ Prevent Injuries

Welcome to the Rotational Pitching World!

I am excited to come along on this journey with you! In this course, you will learn the following:


  • The Differences between Linear & Rotational Pitching

  • Hello Elbow vs Internal Rotation

  • The Benefits of Rotational Pitching

  • How to Transition from Linear to Rotational & Hello Elbow to Internal Rotation

  • Whip it Like the Pros Utilizing External & Internal Shoulder Rotation and Forearm Pronation 


"Rocket in the Pocket"

30 Day Guarantee

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This Course Includes:


  • 15 Transitional Drills from Linear to Rotational Pitching and Explanations on "The Why"

  • Video Examples of Poor Mechanics with Linear Pitching/Hello Elbow that can Cause Injuries Later Down the Road

  • Quiz to Challenge Your IQ on Biomechanics Behind Proper Movement Patterns with Rotational/IR Pitching

  • Why Coach D is a Firm Believer Rotational Pitching/Internal Rotation is an Absolute ALL Pitchers Need to Succeed at the Highest Level

8 Year Old Me as Pitcher

My Pitching Journey

This is a picture of me when I started 8u coach pitch playing the "pitcher" position.  I loved being in the middle of all the action.  My actual Pitching Career started when I was 9.

The turning point in my career (when I decided I really wanted to play in college) was the summer between 7th & 8th grade when I #LEVELEDUP playing with girls who were highly recruited at a young age. Physically, I didn't compare, but mentally & emotionally I did whatever it took to compete with those girls.

The biggest advice I can give to a brand-new pitcher is to understand it takes at least Three Years to phase out of the "beginner phase". Give yourself the grace to physically, mentally, and emotionally understand your role on the mound and on the field as a teammate. You will fail, but if I let every failure hold me back, my pitching career would have ended in a month. 

Coach D Signature

Are You a Coach Wanting to Help Your Pitching Staff Succeed? 

This course will fuel you up with knowledge on what to look for & provide trigger words to help your pitchers. 

Are You a Parent Wanting to Help Your Daughter Transition to IR Pitching?

This course will help break down exactly WHY your daughter will Want & Need to transition sooner than later! Let's invest in her future today! 

Are You a Pitcher Who Is Struggling with Reoccurring Injuries or Pain? 

I've been in your EXACT shoes! I didn't transition until AFTER my playing days were over & it was too late for my career. I would love to help mentor you through this process and educate you on how the body is meant to move & you will FEEL stronger physically/mentally. 

This course is designed to help pitchers and parents understand the importance of internal rotation in pitching and how they can take their pitching skills to the #NextLevel.

Internal rotation is a key component of pitching mechanics that can significantly impact pitching speed and performance.  It is the difference between an average pitcher and a star player. 

Through this course, pitchers and parents will gain a better understanding of what internal rotation is, how it works, and how to incorporate it into their pitching mechanics.  So get ready to step up your game and dominate the circle like never before!

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Key Benefits Of This Course

  • Increase IQ & Knowledge on Proper Whip Patterns
  • Increase IQ on Different Types of Pitching Mechanics
  • Transition Quickly with Proper Movement Patterns & Drill Work 

Jill N. 

My 9 year old just moved from coach to kid pitch. She had a desire to learn this difficult skill, so after some research I decided I wanted her to learn the “internal rotation” pitching style. In my search for a coach, I worried that an online course & lessons for a new, young pitcher would be difficult, but the local coaches I found all teach the old style. I decided to give it a shot and with Coach D’s structure my daughter has learned so much in just a month. Her mechanics and confidence are improving every week!

Ellie N.

I stumbled upon Coach D’s Instagram page while my daughter was between pitching coaches. I was immediately intrigued by her technique and charm. I stalked her Instagram page to learn everything I could over the next few months. I myself was a pitcher so I wanted to understand this technique before I committed my daughter to anything new. I watched her videos and then decided on I buy her introduction to rotational pitching course. I started implementing these new techniques with my daughter at home and started seeing improvement immediately. I eventually decided it was time for us to try online lessons. You get A LOT out of just one lesson plan. You can tell Coach D is a true teacher. Her lesson plans are very comprehensive and functional. I also love that she makes a point to even focus on mental training! This is HUGE for my daughter who struggles with that aspect. Cannot say enough good things about our experience so far. Coach D is the real deal. Passionate, knowledgeable and talented.

Edgar G. 

My daughter has been having online lessons with Coach Danielle for about a month now. She helped us switch from “Hello Elbow” style pitching to Rotational and it’s helped my daughter greatly, her pitching is more fluid and has added a bit of speed/accuracy at the same time. My daughter enjoys her online lessons and she finds them fun and really easy to follow instructions. We look forward to having more lessons with Coach Danielle.

What About a Guarantee?

This Course is Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents Educating/Transitioning from Linear to Rotational Pitching & Hello Elbow to Internal Rotation. I am here to help you succeed and I want you to be secure in your purchase. I take that commitment seriously and expect you to take it seriously too. If during the first 30 days, you realize that this course is not for you just contact me to request a full refund.