Pitching 102: Introduction to Rotational Pitching 

Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents educating/transitioning from:

Linear to Rotational Pitching


Hello Elbow to Internal Rotation



Welcome to the ROTATIONAL pitching world! I am excited to come along this journey with you! In this course, you will learn: 

  • The Differences of Linear & Rotational Pitching
  • The Benefits of Rotational Pitching/Athletes
  • Hello Elbow vs Internal Rotation
  • How to Transition from Linear to Rotational & Hello Elbow to Internal Rotation
  • 2 weeks of drill work for you to pattern on a daily/weekly basis to help create a fast/fluid transition into MOVING the body instead of FORCING the body to increase overall
    • velocity
    • accuracy
    • & prevent injuries! 

*HIGHLY* recommended before any live service if you don't have a rotational pitching background! 

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Megan Norton (Ellie)

I stumbled upon Coach D’s Instagram page while my daughter was between pitching coaches. I was immediately intrigued by her technique and charm. I stalked her Instagram page to learn everything I could over the next few months. I myself was a pitcher so I wanted to understand this technique before I committed my daughter to anything new. I watched her videos and then decided on I purchase her Introduction to Rotational Pitching course. I started implementing these new techniques with my daughter at home and started seeing improvement immediately. I eventually decided it was time for us to try online lessons. You get A LOT out of just one lesson plan. You can tell Coach D is a true teacher. Her lesson plans are very comprehensive and functional. I also love that she makes a point to even focus on mental training! This is HUGE for my daughter who struggles with that aspect. Cannot say enough good things about our experience so far. Coach D is the real deal. Passionate, knowledgeable, and talented.

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