What is DR3 FastpitchU?

Combining knowledge from my Bachelors & Masters in Special Education with my Softball IQ to provide players, parents, coaches, & instructors with precise knowledge and tools on how to #LevelUp your game from anywhere in the world.


I created courses specifically for Pitchers, Position Players, Parents/Guardians, Coaches, & Instructors eager to learn more about the game of softball? Check out these courses. Education is power! There are a variety of courses to fit your needs. 

You already take quizzes in school, why not take quizzes in the softball world?! It is my duty as an educator to #EDUCATE my athletes vs "telling them what to do because I said so." Frequently, I use quizzes to assess your knowledge & progress throughout the programs, so I can I can personalize your training to better serve you. 


Importance of Hydration for Youth Athletes

Healthy Foods to Eat During Softball Tournament Weekends

The Importance of Mental Toughness in Fastpitch Softball

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