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Is Your Daughter Facing These Challenges?


  • Having trouble generating backspin on her changeup?

  • Lacking confidence while throwing her changeup?

  • Struggling to slow her changeup down?

This course will help her overcome these challenges and more! Here are the key benefits:

Master the Mechanics:

Learn the precise grip, arm angle, and release point to throw an effective changeup, enhancing pitching technique and accuracy.

Consistent Delivery:

Develop a smooth and consistent pitching motion and release for the changeup, improving overall pitching performance.

Pitch Variation:

Understand how to vary the speed and movement of the changeup, keeping batters off-balance and gaining a competitive edge.

Strategic Application:

Identify the ideal situations to utilize the changeup, creating a game plan for when and how to throw it during different scenarios.

Mental Preparedness:

Acquire mental strategies to maintain confidence and focus while throwing the changeup, enhancing mental resilience on the mound.

Comprehensive Training:

Benefit from bonus content, including a Spin Library with 10+ videos, full-speed examples, and valuable tips/resources for parents, providing a holistic and supportive learning experience.

You Get #NextLevel & #Detailed Instructions Like Arm Circle with Changeups


This Course Includes

  •  In-depth Video Lessons

  •  Interactive Practice Drills

  •  Expert Instruction/Coaching 

  • Game Analysis Breakdowns 

  •  Progress Tracking 

  •  Life Time Access

8 Year Old Me as Pitcher

My Pitching Journey

This is me when I started 8u coach pitch playing the "pitcher" position.  I loved being in the middle of all the action.  My actual Pitching Career started when I was 9. 

The turning point in my career (when I decided I really wanted to play in college) was the summer between 7th & 8th grade when I #LEVELEDUP playing with girls who were highly recruited at a young age. Physically, I didn't compare, but mentally & emotionally I did whatever it took to compete with those girls.

The biggest advice I can give to a brand-new pitcher is to understand it takes at least Three Years to phase out of the "beginner phase". Give yourself the grace to physically, mentally, and emotionally understand your role on the mound and on the field as a teammate. You will fail, but if I let every failure hold me back, my pitching career would have ended in a month. 

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Comprehensive Mechanics Training:

Gain a deep understanding of the key elements required to throw a highly effective changeup, setting you on the path to becoming a skilled pitcher.

Strategic Pitching Insights:

Learn how to use the changeup pitch effectively, keeping batters guessing and gaining a competitive advantage in the circle.

What About a Guarantee?

Are you ready to take your pitching game to the next level? The Changeup Blueprint is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of the changeup. Whether you're a pitcher aiming to refine your skills, a dedicated parent supporting your athlete, or a coach looking to unlock your team's potential, this comprehensive course is designed to elevate your game.  I am here to help you succeed and I want you to be secure in your purchase.  I take that commitment seriously and expect you to take it seriously too.  If during the first 30 days, you realize that this course is not for you just contact me to request a full refund.

30 Day Guarantee

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Key Benefits 

  • Pitching Mastery: Hone your changeup skills to become a more well-rounded and effective pitcher 
  • Strategic Advantage: Keep hitters off-balance with pitch variation and speed control 
  • Improved Confidence: Boost your self-assurance and performance on the mound

Lena B. 

I went through this course with my 10u daughter. The course is amazing! It is well put together and the information is spot on. I 100% agree that the "Waterbottle Drill" is one of the best drills for learning a changeup with the correct arm path. The "heart/dot" tip on the hand is also key for younger girls or any pitcher that needs a visual reminder at release! 

Eric W. 

My daughter (15) and I love how the course is broken down into different segments. The format makes it very easy to find specific content to come back to if needed. Our favorite part of this course, specifically for her age/skill set level, was learning about Situational Pitching! This is VERY valuable information and I 100% agree with everything you said! Great stuff overall!!! You covered a lot and paced very well. 

Brandon P. 

I am a head coach for a 14u travel team and have a daughter who also pitches. This course was an awesome refresher for both of us in order to help with quick and fast adjustments on game days. There is a lot of valuable information for parents, coaches, and pitchers for all skill levels!  

Jeff D. 

As a parent of a dedicated future college pitcher, I can't express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon 'The Changeup Blueprint' course. My daughter, with aspirations of pitching at the collegiate level, needed that extra edge to slow down her changeup and keep batters guessing. And let me tell you, this course has been an absolute game-changer! Thanks Coach D!!!

Katy Y. 

My 9 year old daughter wanted to learn a changeup a few months ago but was struggling with accuracy and speed change. We stumbled upon Coach D's Instagram and knew she'd be the one to help her. The step-by-step approach to learning the changeup, from understanding grips to perfecting arm motion and release, has been incredibly helpful for my daughter's confidence. The visuals and full-speed examples made it easy for her to grasp the concepts. She's been able to slow down her changeup beautifully and has more control! 

Rick W. 

As a travel ball coach committed to elevating my team's performance,  this course has proven to be an essential tool in our arsenal. The course's focus on calling pitches and situational pitching has provided my pitching staff with a strategic edge that sets us apart. The section dedicated to situational pitching has equipped my team to make well-informed decisions in critical game moments. This course is an investment that no travel ball coach should overlook. It has not only transformed our pitching staff's approach but also added a strategic layer to our overall game plan. Kudos to Coach D, thank you!