Off-Season Workout Program For Pitchers


Unlock Your Pitching Potential with the DR3 Fastpitch Off-Season Workout Program!


Are you ready to take your pitching game to the next level during the off-season? Look no further! Our specialized program is designed exclusively for young fastpitch softball pitchers, aged 10 to 18, helping you address various aspects of your game and gain a competitive edge. 

What You Can Expect from the DR3 Fastpitch Off-Season Workout Program:

  • Boost Pitching Velocity: Our comprehensive program is dedicated to enhancing your pitching speed. We'll equip you with the techniques and training needed to bring the heat to every throw.
  • Elevate Spin Rate: Master the art of spin, a vital component of an effective pitch. Our program will fine-tune your spin rate, making your pitches more unpredictable and challenging for batters.
  • Stamina That Lasts: Build the endurance required to dominate on the mound. You'll train to outlast your opponents, maintaining peak performance throughout the game.

Throughout Your Journey, You'll Develop:

  • Enhanced Body Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your body's mechanics and how they contribute to your pitching prowess.
  • Increased Strength: Our program includes strength-building exercises tailored to fastpitch pitchers, ensuring you're strong and ready for the season ahead.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Flexibility is key to executing those perfect pitches. We'll work on improving your flexibility to maximize your range of motion.
  • Greater Mobility: Pitch with confidence and precision as we enhance your mobility, enabling you to move effortlessly on the field.

Don't let the off-season go to waste – harness the power of the DR3 Fastpitch Off-Season Workout Program to become the pitcher you've always aspired to be. Join us today and set the foundation for your most successful season yet!

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Power Comes From The Ground Up


Harness the power of my Off-Season Workout Program to be a better Pitcher.  This program was developed in conjunction with Coach London (Certified Professional Personal Instructor and Fitness Trainer) specifically for pitchers ages 10-18.


Key Areas Of Focus: 

  • Mobility & Flexibility
    • Shoulders, Hips, Ankles Focus
    • Joint Stabilization & Mobilization
    • Enhance Range Of Motion
  • Strength Training
    • Core, Glutes, Shoulder, Hips, Back
    • Increase Strength Through Your FULL & NEW Found Range Of Motion
    • Strengthening The Muscle Groups Used In Pitching To Increase Overall Velocity & Stability
  • Pitching Drill Library
    • Arm Unravel (Whip)
    • Delayed Knee Extension (Horizontal Force)
    • Front Side Resistance
    • Separation (Rotational Power)
    • Glide & Drive (Ground/Horizontal Force)
  • Accountability
    • Workout Templates
    • Test Outs
    • Vocabulary Sheet
    • Goal Planner
    • Meal Log
    • Pitching Log
    • Pitching Journal
  • Test Outs
    • Ankle Flexibility
    • Shoulder Range Of Motion
    • Hip Flexor Range Of Motion
    • Hamstring & Low Back


Bonus: 9 Day Powerhands Training Program

Dana Shipley

Coach D & Coach London are awesome! Thank you so much for doing this! It's what I've prayed for to help our 12u daughter get stronger as a pitcher without overworking her (weight training) + focus more on mobility and injury prevention. Thank you for all of your hard work that you've put into this program!

Is Your Daughter Passionate About Fastpitch Softball and Dreams of Becoming an Elite Pitcher?


The DR3 Fastpitch Off-Season Workout Program is the perfect investment for her future in the sport. Tailored for young pitchers aged 10 to 18, this program promises to boost her pitching velocity, elevate her spin rate, and build unmatched stamina.

Now is the time to take that next step.  Enroll Today!

DR3 Fastpitch Partnered with London Demetriou with London Lifts Fitness LLC

London's Athletic Journey to Health and Longevity

I started my athletic journey at the age of 8 with Football and Wrestling, continuing through high school. As I explored various training regimens, my interest in bodybuilding grew, leading me to earn my Training Certification at 19.

However, the excessive muscle development took a toll on my joints and overall health. I shifted my focus to a more holistic approach to fitness. Working at a local gym, I gained credentials in group fitness, yoga, training, and coaching.

A setback occurred when I suffered a hip injury, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This prompted me to create London Lifts Fitness LLC and take my expertise online.

With a newfound perspective, I emphasized quality of movement over appearance, blending principles from athletic performance, resistance training, calisthenics, and yoga. The result? Reduced joint pain, improved mobility, and a holistic approach to fitness.

Today, I offer customized online training, nutrition, and habit formation programs. My passion lies in promoting longevity through quality movement, recovery, and coaching.


  • ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Coach
  • Yoga Alliance - 200hr Yoga Teacher