Pitching 101: Introduction to Pitching

For Beginner Pitchers, Parents & Coaches

The journey for beginner Fastpitch Pitchers is usually new and often scary for all involved.  If you want your daughter to have the best opportunity to succeed, you need to be part of the journey.  That's right, even if she is working with a pitching instructor for an hour or two a week you are now your daughter's full-time pitching coach! Join this course & I'll teach you all about the ins and outs of working with your girl at home and helping her maximize her potential for success.

You can help your daughter succeed by:
  • Understanding the basic mechanics of pitching
  • Ensuring she is practicing the correct form, grip, and throwing motion
  • Encouraging her to warm up properly, stretch, and do proper strength exercises for her arms, legs, core, and shoulders
  • Helping to make pitching practice fun and challenging by using drills and games that improve accuracy, speed, control, and mental toughness
  • Providing Feedback and Support


Customer Review from Jason E.

Great Course! This is a great course for players and parents. As a parent who knew absolutely nothing about softball pitching I now feel as if I can guide my child at home with sound advice. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn the early stages of pitching.

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Course Includes:

My Pitching Journey

This is a picture of me when I started 8u coach pitch playing the "pitcher" position.  I loved being in the middle of all the action.  My actual Pitching Career started when I was 9.

The turning point in my career (when I decided I really wanted to play in college) was the summer between 7th & 8th grade when I #LEVELEDUP playing with girls who were highly recruited at a young age. Physically, I didn't compare, but mentally & emotionally I did whatever it took to compete with those girls.

The biggest advice I can give to a brand-new pitcher is to understand it takes at least Three Years to phase out of the "beginner phase". Give yourself the grace to physically, mentally, and emotionally understand your role on the mound and on the field as a teammate. You will fail, but if I let every failure hold me back, my pitching career would have ended in a month. 

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Comprehensive Guide

This course provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for beginners to master the skills needed to become an effective pitcher.

Easy to Follow

The course is designed to be easy to follow, with clear instructions and helpful visuals to guide you and your daughter through the process.

Expert Advice

The course is taught by an experienced fastpitch softball coach, who provides expert advice and tips to help your daughter become a successful pitcher.

Are you Ready to help your Daughter Succeed?

If she has just started her pitching journey or is currently struggling because she had no structured start, this is the course for you.  For less than the price of a single Pitching Lesson, you will receive a structured course guaranteed to set a strong foundation for your daughter.  Also, your confidence will soar as you learn the fundamentals of Pitching, and can now effectively communicate with your daughter and her instructor.

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Key Benefits

  • Understanding Proper Technique: You will learn the proper pitching mechanics and technique, which is essential to helping your daughter pitch effectively and reduce the risk of injury
  • Confidence Building: You will feel more confident talking to your daughter concerning any challenges she may have and you will be able to help your daughter make adjustments on the spot.  Also, you will be able to accurately discuss your daughter's performance in practices/games with her pitching instructor helping to accelerate her progress
  • Preparation for Competitive Play: By mastering the fundamentals and building confidence, pitchers will be better equipped to handle the pressure and challenges of game situations

Jon S.

I've been coaching my daughter's softball team for a few years now, but when it came to pitching, I felt a bit out of my depth. That's why I enrolled myself and my daughter in the Fastpitch Softball Pitching 101 course for beginners. I was impressed by Coach D's expertise and the way she broke down each technique into manageable steps. My daughter's pitching has improved drastically and I now feel confident in my ability to coach her and the rest of the team. I highly recommend this course to any parents or coaches who want to help their young athletes become successful pitchers.

Mary P.

As a mom with no prior knowledge of softball, I was nervous about enrolling my daughter in a pitching course. However, Coach D's Pitching 101 course for beginners was excellent. The course was very well-structured, starting with the basics and building up to more complex techniques.  I now feel very comfortable being able to constructively help my daughter in between pitching lessons with her instructor.

Scott C.

This course was exactly what my daughter and I needed to get started with fastpitch softball pitching. The videos were clear and easy to follow, and the drills were fun and engaging. We were able to work at our own pace, and my daughter has already seen improvement in her pitching form. Highly recommend!

What About a Guarantee?

This course is designed for Players and Parents just beginning their Fastpitch Softball Pitching Journey.  I am here to help you succeed and I want you to be secure in your purchase.  I take that commitment seriously and expect you to take it seriously too.  If during the first 30 days, you realize that this course is not for you just contact me to request a full refund.

Parents and Coaches

This Course does not require you to be an expert in Fastpitch Softball or Pitching. In fact, the whole purpose of this course is to teach beginners and their parents/coaches the fundamentals of pitching and help them develop their daughter’s confidence and skills.