The Prodigy Pitching Academy

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Where Beginners Become Confident And Competitive Pitchers

Here, parents are not just spectators but vital partners in their daughter's pitching journey, providing support for the physical, mental, and emotional facets of softball pitching.

 The FIRST Online Academy focused solely on Beginner Pitchers!


At The Prodigy Pitching Academy, we specialize in nurturing young talent. Our comprehensive self-paced online program is specifically tailored for beginner pitchers ages 8-12.


We understand the unique challenges faced by young, aspiring pitchers and have crafted a curriculum that turns novices into skilled, confident pitchers ready to shine on the field.

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How Your Daughter Will Excel

She Will:

  • Master The Basic Pitching Mechanics

  • Understand And Implement Pitching Biomechanics

  • Develop Mental Toughness and Confidence

  • Improve Her Pitching IQ And Strategic Thinking

  • Be Properly Positioned To Take Her Pitching To The #NextLevel

Key Benefits For The Parents

You Will: 

  • Achieve A Comprehensive Understanding Of Pitching Mechanics

  • Be Provided With Tools For Effective Emotional Support

  • Be Provided With Resources For At-Home Practice

  • Get Access and Engagement In A Supportive Community

  • Be Empowered To Be Active Participants In Your Daughter's Development

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Why Choose Prodigy Pitching Academy?

  • Beginner-Focused Curriculum
  • Expert Coach with a Background in Education 
  • Structured, Step-by-Step Learning
  • Parent and Coach Involvement
  • Self-Paced Journey


Features of Our Academy:

  • Foundation Building 
  • Mechanical Feedback
  • Interactive Lessons and Quizzes
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Parent and Coach Guides
  • Mental Skills Training


Ready to Start?

Enroll your daughter in Prodigy Pitching Academy today and embark on an exciting journey that transforms her from a beginner to a confident, competitive pitcher. Let's lay the foundation for her future in softball together!


Prodigy Pitching Academy: Where Future Pitching Stars are Born!


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8 Year Old Beginner Softball Pitcher

My Pitching Journey

This is me when I started 8u coach pitch playing the "pitcher" position. I loved being in the middle of all the action. 

The turning point in my career happened at age 13 when I #LEVELEDUP playing with girls who were highly recruited at an early age. I was never the #1 on my Travel Ball Teams, but I was mentally tough, worked hard, and was able to extend my playing career at the college level. 

The biggest advice I can give to a new pitcher is that it takes time to phase out of the "beginner phase". Give yourself the grace to physically, mentally, and emotionally understand your role on and off the mound as a great teammate. You will fail, but if I let every failure hold me back, my pitching career would have ended in a month.  

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Jacob B.

Enrolling my daughter in the Prodigy Pitching Academy was a game-changer. From zero experience to excelling in her first season, the program not only honed her pitching accuracy but also instilled invaluable mental toughness. Coach D's personalized guidance and support were instrumental in her development. Seeing her growth on and off the field has been incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend this program to any parent looking to empower their child in fastpitch softball pitching.

Coach T.

As a coach in the rec department, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of the PPA for our young pitchers. Many of our players come in with little to no experience, and the academy has been an invaluable resource in helping them develop their skills and confidence on the mound. It's incredible to witness the growth and improvement in our players' abilities and mindset throughout the season. The Academy is not just shaping better pitchers – it's shaping better athletes and individuals.

Katie P. 

As a mom who knows nothing about softball and pitching, I'm immensely grateful for the Prodigy Pitching Academy and its community. My daughter, new to fastpitch pitching, thrived with personalized feedback from Coach D and peers. The community's camaraderie and accountability pushed her to excel. Witnessing her skill and confidence grow with each session has been incredibly rewarding. Thanks to Prodigy, she's not just learning to pitch – she's thriving!


Prodigy Pitching Academy

Where Future Pitching Stars 🌟 are Born!

Dear Parents,

Choosing the right training for your daughter’s softball journey is a significant decision, and we understand the deliberation it entails. At Prodigy Pitching Academy, we’re not just about improving pitchers; we're committed to transforming young athletes into confident, skilled, and knowledgeable players both on and off the field.

We’re so confident in the value and effectiveness of our training that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This means you can enroll your daughter with complete peace of mind, knowing that if you don’t see the results you expected, you can get a full refund.

Here’s why you should consider taking this step with us:

  • Expert Coaching
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Flexible Learning
  • Visible Improvement

Enroll her in the Prodigy Pitching Academy today, and see her flourish as a pitcher. If you're not satisfied for any reason, we stand by our commitment to excellence with a full refund. Let’s help her unlock her full potential!

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