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Do you know how to THROW? Or do you know how to PITCH?

Jan 20, 2021

If you do not understand how to feel your hips and glutes activate in your motion, you need to break these movement patterns down with your pitching instructor.

Many, many, many girls come to me and the first thing they want to improve is their velocity. I ask them all the same questions, “Do you know how to activate your glutes and hips when you pitch? Have you been taught proper movement patterns with your lower half? Have you Slo motioned your motion and broke down what you’re doing and/or what you need to do to better activate your core, glutes, and hips?”

Most of my girls answer back and say no. That’s a huge issue in today’s coaching world still. 

Many coaches are still having girls do the same drills over and over each week without educating their pitchers on the movement patterns needed to reach their consistency and velocity goals.

Once I understood how my body was SUPPOSED to move, and how my body was moving, I was able to adjust instantly.

Too many girls are being taught to THROW. Not enough pitchers are being taught how to PITCH.

Train with me online or in-person if you want to learn how to PITCH.

Anyone can learn how to throw...

Just saying...

BTW... I am a firm believer that being a pitcher takes mental, emotional, and physical training... that's a topic for another day :-) 

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