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Online Membership

The new website & Online Membership are super helpful and easy to use! Thank you Coach D for all you have done for me, I have improved so much and can't wait to learn more!!


Next Level Results - Online Services

My Daughter Brooklyn loved to pitch but struggled with consistency. Coach D took her back to the basics of building a strong foundation with sound Mechanics. Brooklyn has continued to grow as a pitcher and more confident athlete because her coach believed in her. Being in a remote location the online lessons have been a blessing to us and I would highly recommend this service to anyone, anywhere.

Barry Shortt - Canada

I absolutely cannot say enough great things about Danielle. 

Her knowledge and information about pitching and this game are unparalleled. From her workouts, drills, tools, and explanations she is amazing at her craft. I’ve never seen my daughter connect so quickly or so thoroughly with another coach or instructor. Her commitment to her students AND their parents is unrivaled and I could wax poetic about her heart for her girls. She is invested in not only their physical and mechanical growth, but helping them with their mental health in life and on the field is just as important to her. My daughter has had such amazing growth since beginning with her and BOTH of us have learned so much! I cannot recommend her enough! We love our Coach D!! 

Casey Headrick

As I reflect on the last 3 years I can not say enough amazing things about coach D.  

We met Danielle during COVID. Our daughter wanted to start pitching and had been for a few months when The world shut down. No more in person lessons were available and we were on the search for options to help her. She was uncomfortable pitching, complained of arm pain and we knew we needed to find something different. We were blessed with Danielle. She was just starting her business and she was hungry to work with girls and help them get better, understand the game, prevent injury,  and understand their body! The growth We have witnessed in these  last years is huge. Not only had our daughter gained strength, accuracy, speed, spin but she has learned so much about herself, her mental game, and most importantly her body. How does it move. How does movement affect the pitch. How to make game time adjustments and understand why your pitch is not ending where you want. Teaching the game. Sharing her knowledge how how to put your self in the best position to out smart the batter.  Coach D's focus on the mental game is epic! She has been there for Hailey on some of her toughest days not just on the field but in life trying to navigate this world and becoming a teen. The connection she has made with Hailey is one that has changed her life. I encourage all of the options she offers, mental training, video lessons, video evals, personal workouts! The concepts stay the same but the introduction of new drills and new movement is refreshing. To think we have been able to do all of this and make this connection with her from several states away. You can feel her emotion and passion for the sport and her pitchers even from miles away. We finally got to meet her in person for the first time this summer and it was like they had been in person for the last three years. Watching your child meet one of their mentors in life is pretty awesome. 

Krystal Fries

Talented Teacher and Coach

I stumbled upon Coach D’s Instagram page while my daughter was between pitching coaches. I was immediately intrigued by her technique and charm. I stalked her Instagram page to learn everything I could over the next few months. I myself was a pitcher so I wanted to understand this technique before I committed my daughter to anything new. I watched her videos and then decided on I buy her introduction to rotational pitching course. I started implementing these new techniques with my daughter at home and started seeing improvement immediately. I eventually decided it was time for us to try online lessons. You get A LOT out of just one lesson plan. You can tell Coach D is a true teacher. Her lesson plans are very comprehensive and functional. I also love that she makes a point to even focus on mental training! This is HUGE for my daughter who struggles with that aspect. Cannot say enough good things about our experience so far. Coach D is the real deal. Passionate, knowledgeable and talented.

Ellie Norton

Experience with DR3

I've only been working with Coach D for a few months, and I have learned so much! She brings a new view to the vast world of pitching. Starting with a video analysis has helped me see so much of what my pitches were lacking. Her mental training sessions have really helped me with keeping my mind focused in pressure situations. The pitching lessons go in to detail explaining how and why the body works the way it does in a pitch. The lesson plans for each week use detailed warmups, drills, and cooldowns to teach each category. Booking lessons and finding equipment is easy using her website. For all beginning (and experienced) pitchers, I highly recommend DR3 pitching!

Amelia Roche

Thankful that we found Coach D!!

My daughter has just started online lessons and we will most likely stay with coach D for as long as she will let us lol! Where we are located in Texas it’s hard finding pitching coaches that actually break the learning process down all the way to the mental training which means a lot and helps pitchers more than you could ever imagine! Coach D gives you all the tools you need to succeed!

 Arianna Figueroa

Improved speed, spin, and mentality!

I began using Coach D in the fall of 2021 and have been with her ever since. I love the way she uses science and reason to explain why you are doing something and how it affects you. By improving my mechanics under her, my speed overall has increased over 10 mph. I’ve also learned an additional 3 pitches and perfected my others! I would highly recommend to any new or experienced pitcher.

Megan Gregory

Top notch instruction from a very well read, relatable and capable instructor

I am a Head Coach for a Rep team from Canada and I was looking to take my girls to the next level. Danielle was one of the first people who I spoke to and I was blown away by her knowledge and enthusiasm. We started working online with her almost immediately and have not looked back since. My pitchers have been stronger, more mechanically sound and more confident, even with the a new set of mechanics that we simply do not see up here very often. The work continuous improvements that I see from my girls is a direct result of the effort that she puts into her lessons and lesson plans. I am very happy with the work she is doing with my team and look forward to the future as we continue working hard with Coach D!!

Sean M.

Highly Recommend

My daughter has been pitching for 2 years now… she participated in clinics with other coaches prior to meeting Coach D. Nobody seemed to click with my girl… who has some anxiety and has to warm up to new people… but there wasn’t truly an adjustment period with Coach D. She connected with my girl by helping her understand how her body moves and how she can use those movements throughout her pitch!!! My girl has been in a car accident and suffered a knee injury… while she was out Coach D checked on her and encouraged her to focus on getting well and healing her body before thinking/worrying/considering pitching! I am grateful for Coach D and the way she and Coach Ava have worked with Rylynn! 5 out of 5 recommend!!!

April Perry

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!!!!!!!!

Lily has been working with Coach D for about 3 months. The work that Coach D has done with Lily has been amazing! Lily just completed the 8 week winter workout plan, and has improved her stamina and strength. We are beyond excited to see future improvements. I would highly recommend Coach D's lesson plans and workouts. She has also done Mental training with Coach D and the takeaways from these sessions have been great.

Lily Vaughn

Encouragement and Rhythm = Results

Reagan’s been working with Coach D for about 2 months now and making great progress. We’ve done a combination of the Video Evals with 2 week lesson plans and FaceTime 30 minute sessions. The great thing is the workouts and drills are a great combo to build rhythm and consistency in her pitching motion. When we started (without coaching) we focused on location, and that has changed and the results have been great. When starting out on this journey we were looking for structure and the ability to have workouts/practice sessions at home and have been impressed. Coach D is encouraging and builds up her pitchers and it shows. Positive vibes and results! Going into the winter workout season we feel we have the tools and knowledge that will ensure Reagan will be ready for Spring!

Reagan Johnson


We’ve been through a few pitching instructors but Danielle is just a different level. From day one of meeting her we knew. We were hesitant to do online lessons but quickly learned that our daughter was getting SO much more than any other lessons we’ve done. So many good drills, we saw immediate improvement in velocity and accuracy. It helps that she’s the sweetest and my daughter loves getting to work with her.

Andrea Hastings

Super Impressed

We didn't know what to expect when we switched to online lessons this year. My daughter decided IR was for her but we were without an in person instructor as no one in our area teaches internal rotation. We signed up for an initial video analysis and we're immediately sold by Danielle's infectious personality, knowledge, and passion for teaching pitchers proper body movement to keep them healthy while dominating on the mound. After our video analysis we quickly signed up for our first lesson and received an email with a comprehensive training guide for that week. I was seriously impressed with how in-depth it was covering everything from warm-ups, to post-workouts, and mental training. I love the fact that we are able to look back over previous lesson material to make corrections. The weekly lesson plans are worth it alone but on top of that you get access to an online Facebook support group, one-on-one live lessons,and constant correspondence from Danielle throughout the week to keep you focused and always striving to reach the next level. We are so happy we made the switch. I was nervous about not having someone in person to "see it, touch it, feel it" but Danielle does a great job of covering all the bases and I truly feel like we are getting so much more from our online lessons that finding an in person instructor is no longer a concern.

LakeLynn Karr

We Love Coach D

We would highly recommend giving Coach D a try! She is great to work with and is very knowledgeable. Her lesson plans are phenomenal. We love her passion and dedication! Keep up the good work!

Taryn Close

Wonderful online instructor!

My daughter has been working with Coach D for a couple months using Facetime. She has helped to correct major issues, such as her Crow Hop, in just a couple lessons. My daughter has also become much more aware of her body movements and how her body should move and feel through pitching patterns. I can’t recommend Coach D enough! My only complaint is that we don’t live close enough to do in-person lessons!

Amy Mutkala

Great source of information!

I have been following Coach D for just a short time & have gained so much knowledge & information. I highly recommend DR3 not only for players but for coaches as well. DR3 is a great source of information to help me understand my pitcher's movement in order to make corrections and help them stay focus on their fundamentals.

Coach Lu, Lue Frias Carbajal

 Excited to have found Coach D!

My daughter and I are loving online lessons with Coach D. The lesson plan is very structured, informative, and packed full of good work. The combination of the lessons plans and one on one feedback/analysis from Coach D is just what we were looking for. We also enjoy the references and how to videos she provides in learning a new skill or drill. Super excited to continue working with Coach D.

Tracy Roe

 Loving the online lessons.

As a mom that has no background in the sport I really appreciate the thorough lesson plans Coach D sends out. I'm learning just as much as my daughter. I also really like the mental training thats included. We're looking forward to learning lots more from Coach D, and hope to meet her in person one day.

Crystal Kelly

Jordan Holmes

Coach D is awesome she has showed me easy drills to do at home and makes learning fun can’t wait for my next lesson love sundays

kristy holmes

Online Membership

I was really struggling to up my pitching game before Coach D! I was a good pitcher but I had plateaued and I wasn’t going to perform well when I continue my career at the next level. Coach D doesn’t just care about your success, she cares about her students. Yesterday I had a lesson and we really just talked to get caught up - we did a little pitching and it was honestly just what I needed to feel a bit better about my game. GO TO COACH D!!! She’s the best.

Katie Rose - LMU Signee 2023

Amazing pitching instructor

She not only teaches you anything and everything you need to know about pitching but also the sport and a lot of life lessons along the way. There is so much one on one time and a lot of talking!

Emily Miller

Amazing Coach!

Coach D is the best! She works with all skill levels and breaks down the fundamentals of pitching step by step. Her lessons are fun and build confidence while emphasizing correct mechanics.

Edyta Suszek

Awesome improvement

Thank you very much for the off-season training package is superb, this worked for my kids the improvement is huge .... There is one more week to go but improvement is awesome!

barrid pj

Best Coach!

My 8 year old started pitching with coach D a couple months ago and she breaks pitching down for these young girls so well. She lets them get used to their bodies and the motions they are going to be doing. Each lesson I’ve seen so much improvement in my daughter. All she wants to do between lessons is practice so she can show Coach how much she’s improved. Can’t say enough about her!

Isabelle Sergeant

Great coach

Coach D is amazing! She really try’s to connect with her girls so they can understand why they do each drill not just telling them to do it. We do online lessons every week and in person once a month. In the almost 2 months we’ve used her my daughter’s confidence and strength have grown drastically! Can’t wait to see how much more she grows.

Frances Greene

Amazing Coaching!

My 9 year old just moved from coach to kid pitch. She had a desire to learn this difficult skill, so after some research I decided I wanted her to learn the “internal rotation” pitching style. In my search for a coach, I worried that online lessons for a new, young pitcher would be difficult, but the local coaches I found all teach the old style. I decided to give it a shot and with Coach D’s lessons my daughter has learned so much in just a month. Her mechanics and confidence are improving every week!

Jill Neth

Fantastic Foundations

Our daughter had an introductory lesson today and instead of jumping to the end steps of pitching, she worked on the fundamentals that our 8 year old will need as she moves forward. This attention to teaching the right way (while making the lesson completely captivating) shows just what a great coach D is! We are grateful and looking forward to the next lesson and watching our little one grow and learn with Coach D.

EJ & Meg Burns

Amazing Pitching Coach

Coach D has taught me rotational pitching and I love it. I am able to pitch more strikes and they are faster. She has also helped with my mental attitude. I can’t wait for more lessons with Coach D.

Super Marley

Amazing Pitching Coach!

I am consistently amazed and impressed by the way Coach D makes virtual lessons so effective and so productive. The lesson plans received prior to each scheduled session are incredibly detailed as they offer clear demonstrations through videos and they basically answer any question one may have. Her way of establishing a rapport with my teenage daughter has been fantastic as she quickly adjusted her teaching methods and explanations to my daughter’s style of learning. Coach D easily identifies mechanical faults and timing issues within the pitching motion and uses her knowledge and experience to affect positive changes within each lesson. My daughter was ready to quit, her confidence was lost, but thanks to Coach D, her zest for pitching has returned! I will forever be grateful and would recommend her to anyone looking for lessons!

Dani Evans Scozzari

Jessica Martinez

Coach D is a great Coach she not only teaches pitching but she teaches strength and conditioning and mental training as well. My daughter Luna had some technique issues and With coach D she has done a complete turn around she has gained some speed and her change up and rise ball are now on point. She is a great coach.

Linda Martinez

We love Coach D!!! 

Danielle is so positive and humble. She really connects with my daughter. I love the way she approaches things and gives such great advice. The biggest part of the program I as a mom love is the mental health aspect! Having your mind right helps make the player so successful! The weekly modules she has in the online membership are so easy to follow and she is so great about responding if you have a question or just want to share the triumphs from that day's practice or the progress from tournament to tournament! I love the versatility of Zoom lessons, being able to have this type of dedication from a coach on the east coast while we live on the west coast is HUGE! The only sad thing for us is that we don’t live closer! 😍 We love ya D!

Katherine Fowler

The right way

Coach D has a calming voice, patience and technique that helps my 10 year old. We were taught the wrong mechanics and coach ads coarse has helped us grow in just two weeks.

Melissa L

Transition from hello elbow

She explained everything perfectly for my 11 year old to understand. Very informative.

Frances Greene

We love working with Coach Danielle!!

My 9 year old is really enjoying her lessons! The steps makes it easy for her to break down the steps of the pitch. Even working online she still understands the coaching, which I worried it would not work if it wasn't face to face lessons. I can't wait to see where my girl goes with this new skill!

Heidi Sutton

Great Pitching Coach teaching internal rotation for online and in person lessons.

Coach Danielle is fantastic! She teaches internal rotation, as well as the whole package including the mental game. She connects with youth people great and is able to engage them in their workouts and lessons no matter what she throws their way. She offers online and in person lessons and truly works to build their pitching and mental game. If you haven’t given her a try, you’re missing out! She has motivated my 9 year old to WANT to pitch daily and loves the game even more than before.

Chrissie Jarrett

You are the best! 

Anna loves coming to you. You are so dedicated to your work, and it shows. You have the perfect combination of amazing coaching skills and such a sweet personality.  We both are so appreciative of you. 

George Lathem

Great pitching coach

Coach Rubin knows her stuff, very knowledgeable on the transition from hello elbow to IR which is what we’re in the process of doing with my 12 year old daughter. We’ve been with her for about two and a half months now and I’m seeing great results Highly recommend Coach Rubin!!!!

Brandon McDaniel

Learned so much!

I loved Daniel! Very communicative and I learned a lot just from the first lesson. I’m definitely coming back! Can’t wait to see how much I improve!

Clara Wyatt

Coach Ava is amazing!!

My 9 year old has been seeing Ava for almost a year and, wow, we love her! Ava pours her heart into helping my daughter. She is positive, encouraging, and does a fantastic job fine tuning the mechanics. Beyond teaching our daughter to pitch, she has sparked a love for the game in our daughter. Ava is the first person she wants me to text after a tourney. My favorite part about Ava is the positive influence she is off the field. She’s a remarkable student athlete and the perfect role model. 

Laney Brown

CYS Rec Department Pitching Clinic 

My daughter attended the CYS Pitching Clinic Sunday, Feb 26, 2023 and LOVED it!!! She really liked Coach D and the way she taught everything!

Renee Underwood 

Online Membership

We absolutely love Coach D! We started her online membership & virtual lessons two weeks ago and we are already seeing improvements in her foundational skills! My daughter connects well with her instructions and loves her personality! Thank you Coach D for providing your knowledge and expertise in such an accessible way! 😘

Heather Thomas


Danielle has been wonderful for my daughter! We have done both online and in-person lessons. She focuses on more than just pitching-with her lessons she focuses on helping her pitchers understand how and why. She also provides positive support to help them with the mental aspects of pitching. Danielle really focuses on the whole pitcher as a player inside and out instead of just pitching.

Renee Thomas

Awesome Coach

My daughter has been having online lessons with Coach Danielle for about a month now. She helped us switch from “Hello Elbow” style pitching to Rotational and it’s helped my daughter greatly, her pitching is more fluid and has added a bit of speed/accuracy at the same time. My daughter enjoys her online lessons and she finds them fun and really easy to follow instructions. We look forward to having more lessons with Coach Danielle.

Edgar Garcia

Amazing instruction, even from States away!

Coach is so sweet, knowledgeable and has a ton of experience! She’s been amazing to give lots of details in different ways to help young athletes make connections and improvements! She holds them accountable and works on more than just the act of pitching, but it’s a wraparound approach including strength, conditioning, and mental game! So thankful to have the opportunity to work with her!

Robin Dowell

Great drills & discussion

Not only great drills but I like the discussions about the mental side of being a pitcher the most. My favorite is about not being hung up on a radar gun, your eyes are the best radar gun!

Coach D is amazing!

She’s helped my daughter so much. We call her magical because she can tweak something and it fixes that and more. She’s also a positive, encouraging figure that is always pushing her girls to improve and work hard. In addition to the FaceTime lesson, the lesson you receive with drills, the why behind the drills, stretches, agility, etc are the most amazing resource for my daughter. There is no excuse now, she can work on pitching everyday. Not only do we have a purposeful practice with every lesson but we know the “why” behind it! We love Coach D & DR3 Fastpitch!

Megan Wheeler

5 out of 5 recommend!!! 

My daughter has been pitching for 2 years now… she participated in clinics with other coaches prior to meeting Coach D. Nobody seemed to click with my girl… who has some anxiety and has to warm up to new people… but there wasn’t truly an adjustment period with Coach D. She connected with my girl by helping her understand how her body moves and how she can use those movements throughout her pitch!!! My girl has been in a car accident and suffered a knee injury… while she was out Coach D checked on her and encouraged her to focus on getting well and healing her body before thinking/worrying/considering pitching! I am grateful for Coach D and the way she and Coach Ava have worked with Rylynn! 5 out of 5 recommend!!! 

April Perry