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Feb 15, 2023
Just because your brain isn't a muscle, that doesn't mean you shouldn't train and flex it like one. 
If we are not constantly working to better our mental health and mental game, adversity is harder and harder to push through come game time. 
At the D1 level, my team did bi-weekly mental training sessions with our athletic counselor during off season and then went to monthly sessions during season. 
At the D2 level, my team did monthly mental training group sessions where we broke off into groups with our accountability partners and presented a new topic to the whole team on different strategies to help our mental game. 
We also completed @briancainpeak "The Daily Dominator" program which I still use to this day with my athletes through 1:1 mental training sessions. 
Need help with your mental game? I’d love to do a 1:1 zoom session with you!!! 
I’ve worked 1:1 with ALL position players at all levels, parents, & coaches.
I can also direct you to many other resources as well, just comment “#trainthebrain” and I’ll DM you a list of instructors & programs you can check out!
But first, go ahead and download my FREE Mental Toughness PDF on DR3FastpitchU and start implementing those tips & tricks in your own softball journey!
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