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Giving Back to the Game

Dec 13, 2022

This right here makes my heart so happy.

My first ever online client from May 2020, giving back to her community doing free pitching sessions for the littles in her area in Wisconsin. She has 3-4 girls she works with consistently and they want to pitch just like Courtney! 🫶🏽 They have a wonderful coach & role model to look up too!!!

🥎A message from @courtney.den.ruyter:
“Working with the littles has helped me grow so much in my own pitching journey. I love working with the littles because it makes me think a lot about my own body mechanics. I have to explain these concepts in multiple ways, to not only myself, but my kids and break down each part so they have a solid understanding of their movements & how to make adjustments when I’m not working with them. I am constantly thinking how I can help them improve and since I started helping the youth, I have been feeling my own mechanics more than I ever have which is something I depended on Coach D to help with in my own lessons. If I am stuck, I have been able to get over my mental blocks now & I am finding more ways to improve myself and pay attention to my body.”

🥎A message from Courtney’s mother, @erindenruyter:
“Another thing is we wish we had someone like Courtney when we first started out. Someone to look up too. And the girls really do. We pass on a lot of resources we’ve learned over the years to the littles. Because we had no idea where to start. She’s really impressed me on how much knowledge she really has. And the girls really relate to her because she was going through these same issues not that long ago. I’m very proud of the time and dedication she puts in with the youth.”

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