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Notecard Challenge

Feb 21, 2021

Notecard Challenge

When I was getting recruited to play at @ksuowlssb, I was learning a lot of new information from my future pitching coach. I attended camps and clinics for a year before I verbally committed, learning a whole different coaching philosophy than I was used to. Each time I saw my coach, I wanted to show him that I’ve been working on everything he taught me. I learned so much over that year and would get overwhelmed trying to remember it all when I would practice on my own. After one clinic, my mom came up with a BRILLIANT idea. She gave me a notecard the second I got in the car and said to write down everything Coach just taught me. I covered my notecard with information. The next clinic, I did the same thing. After the 4-week clinic was over, I took all the information I learned and combined it on one notecard, and made it all neat and pretty. My mom copied it and laminated it for me. I kept one notecard next to my bed, one in my pitching bag, and one in my bat bag. This was my cheat sheet during pitching lessons, practices, and games. My freshman season of travel ball, I would take that notecard out in between innings and look it over before I got back on the mound as a little refresher on what to focus on. This was one of the smartest things I could have done during this transition into different coaching philosophies and pitching techniques.

I challenge all my girls to do the same!!! Grab a notecard. What are the keywords your pitching coach tells you during lessons to make adjustments? What are the trigger words that get you out of tough situations? Mental game strategies? Write those down. Keep it short and simple. Make it YOUR notecard. 

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