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Reasons for Not Achieving Desired Results

Feb 20, 2023

There are many different goals that people have in their lives and they vary from one person to another. Some goals may be earning money, losing weight, getting a contract or getting back with an ex-boyfriend.


In the softball world, some goals might be to play at the D1 Level, increase bat speed, increase spin rate, make the middle school team, etc. 


Some people achieve their targets easily while others do not achieve their goals even if they try for many years. There may be a number of reasons for not achieving the desired results. Listed below are some reasons as to why people do not get success. 


Procrastinating is one of the major reasons on why people do not achieve the desired goals. It often happens that you dream of something, but never set into action to achieve your dreams. Alternatively, even if you chalk out a plan, you constantly push it back day after day giving some excuses. Moreover, when you really start the action, you find it is too late. Thus, you end up losing to achieve your dream forever. 

  • In the softball world, we HAVE to be consistent on training! If you are not consistent on your training, your coaches can only do SO MUCH to help you. But YOU have to put the work and reps in at home to see these results start to stay consistent. 


You do not achieve the goals set, as you do not have a foolproof plan. Even though it may seem perfect to you, but in reality, it is not. This is because when you chalk out the plan, you make it standing from your plan. You do not think of what is going to happen when you reach the goal. Thus, the plan is one-sided. Therefore, when you work on the plan and move ahead, you have to update your plan constantly as your progress towards your goal. 

  • Make sure your goals and plan is within reason. For example, it is NOT possible to increase 5-10 MPH in less than 4 weeks. Be realistic on your goals. 

You spend most of your time thinking about the problem and fearing about the problem. Instead of spending this time wondering, work out for a solution to the problem. Seek the help of others, if needed. However, do not let others pacify you in this time rather seek solutions from them. 

  • Grind it out. You will fail, but don't let that hold you back.


When the slightest of things do not work in your favor, you obfuscate everything. Obfuscations leads complicate situations and do no good. Therefore, be calm during these times, only then things will start working in your favor again. 


Do not set for something less deserving. Once you do that, you tend to divert from your goal and take wrong decisions further ahead in life. You start feeling that you are not capable of achieving any higher dreams. 


The majority of people make these mistakes that hold them back and don't achieve the results they desire. This is why it is important to stay calm, believe that things will work out, and have an optimistic mindset when completing tasks. 


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