Overcoming Injuries Pt. 3 & Parental Support

In this episode, we delve into overcoming injuries with a special guest, my mother, Susan Rubin, who is also an ER nurse. We discussed the challenges I faced during my college softball journey, particularly when dealing with injuries. My mom shares her perspective as a parent and regrets not being more involved with my doctor visits and advocating on my behalf during that time.

We discuss the importance of communication, recognizing when something is wrong, and how parents can best support their daughters' mental and physical well-being. We also touch on the changing landscape of mental health awareness and the need for coaches to understand and address the unique challenges faced by young athletes in today's world.

Join us in this candid and heartfelt conversation as we share our experiences and insights to help the next generation of athletes. Remember, the only thing that matters is the next pitch. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions and stories in the world of fast-pitch softball on the next episode of "Beyond the Diamond" with Danielle Rubin and DR3 Fastpitch.


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