Unlocking Softball Success: From Pitching Mechanics to Time Management

In this episode, Danielle, the owner and founder of DR3 Fastpitch, provides valuable insights and expert advice to empower young women, parents, and coaches in the world of fast-pitch softball. She dives into the basic science behind the pitching motion, emphasizing the importance of building a strong foundation and mastering the pitching absolutes.

Danielle shares stories of her online pitching students who have seen remarkable progress through dedication and consistency. Danielle also offers guidance for young athletes transitioning from different age levels and mound distances, stressing the importance of using a 14-inch ball and incorporating long toss to develop arm strength.

In addition, she discusses the critical aspect of time management, sharing her own experience and the need for balancing academics, softball, and social life. This episode serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to excel in the world of fast-pitch softball, offering practical advice, empowering stories, and a glimpse into the world of dedicated athletes and coaches. Join Danielle on this empowering journey "Beyond the Diamond."


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