Game-Changing Innovations: Training Tools Revolutionizing Fastpitch Softball

In this episode, Coach D Rubin is joined by special guest Robert Acuna, the Co-Owner of Field Sports Training. This episode dives into the innovative products developed by Robert's company, focusing on their impact in softball training. The discussion begins with an introduction to Field Sports Training and its three main products: the Fielders Dome, the Pitchers Alley, and the T-Bell.

Robert shares the inspiration behind the creation of these products, emphasizing the need for efficiency in training drills. The Pitchers Alley, designed for quick and portable bullpen setup, addresses the challenge of organizing and measuring distances during warm-ups. Coach D expresses her appreciation for the visual aspect of the product and its positive impact on pitching lessons.

Moving on to the Fielders Dome, Robert explains how this product originated from a desire to streamline fielding drills. The dome's embedded domes provide a visual aid for hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Coach D highlights its versatility, not only for fielding bad hops but also for enhancing overall athletic skills. The podcast emphasizes the importance of incorporating fielding practice into training routines for pitchers.

Throughout the episode, the conversation touches on how these training tools benefit players, parents, and coaches alike. Robert emphasizes the non-gimmicky nature of their products, focusing on real-world problems faced during practices and games. The Fielders Dome, in particular, receives positive feedback for its lightweight and portable design, making it accessible for various training environments.

Coach D and Robert delve into creative uses of the Fielders Dome, including reaction drills and its integration into pitching and hitting lessons. The discussion underscores the value of these training tools in developing well-rounded softball players. The episode wraps up with a reminder to listeners about the potential of these products for enhancing both individual and team performance.

For more details and a discount code, listeners are encouraged to visit Coach D Rubin's website at under the "Partnerships and Equipment" section. As the conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that Field Sports Training's products are not just innovative but also practical tools for serious softball enthusiasts aiming to take their game to the next level.

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