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Sneak Peek into Pitching 102 Course

externalrotation internalrotation keyfactorsofpitching pitching102 whip whipdrill May 13, 2023

Pitching 102: Introduction to Rotational Pitching
Designed for Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents who want to learn how to Create a Fast & Fluid Whip by Moving the Body Correctly to:
✓ Increase Velocity

✓ Increase Movement

✓ Improve Accuracy

✓ Prevent Injuries

This Course Includes:

🥎15 Transitional Drills from Linear to Rotational Pitching and Explanations on “The Why”

🥎Video Examples of Poor Mechanics with Linear Pitching/Hello Elbow that can Cause Injuries Later Down the Road

🥎Quiz to Challenge Your IQ on Biomechanics Behind Proper Movement Patterns with Rotational/IR Pitching

🥎Why Coach D is a Firm Believer Rotational Pitching/Internal Rotation is an Absolute ALL Pitchers Need to Succeed at the Highest Level

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