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Importance of Maintaining a Flexible Mindset as a Student-Athlete

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This is taken from Week #15 Inside the Online Pitching Membership!: 

Now, we know what physically being flexible means... But what about mentally being flexible?

Flexibility of mindset is important for elite athletes because it allows them to adapt to changing circumstances and unexpected challenges. Athletes who are able to maintain a flexible mindset are better able to handle the pressure of competition, recover from injuries, and make adjustments to their training and performance strategies. Additionally, a flexible mindset can help athletes stay motivated and continue to improve over time, even in the face of setbacks or failures. This can give them a competitive edge and help them achieve their goals.

  1. Openness to new ideas and methods: elite athletes should be willing to try new training techniques and strategies in order to improve their performance.

  2. Adaptability: elite athletes should be able to adjust their approach based on changing circumstances, such as injuries or changes in the competition environment.

  3. Mental toughness: elite athletes must be able to handle the pressure of high-stakes competitions and remain focused and composed under stress.

  4. Self-awareness: elite athletes should have a good understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and be able to identify areas for improvement.

  5. Willingness to learn: elite athletes should be open to learning from others, including coaches, trainers, and other athletes.

  6. Positive attitude: elite athletes should have a positive outlook and be able to maintain motivation and focus even in the face of challenges or setbacks.

This week, I am combining a lot of different absolutes you have to focus on! I know this will be a challenge for some and that's okay... You might fail at first. Who Cares?! We are learning. We are growing. We are evolving. We are challenging ourselves. We are being FLEXIBLE. Who is excited for this bullpen?!?!?!?!

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