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Podcast Interview with Coach Kally V

fastpitch fastpitchpodcast podcast softball softballinterview softballpodcast Feb 26, 2023

#repost @coachkallyv 🙌⚠️🧐 Have you listened to episode number 34 yet!?!
It dropped last Friday 2/18/23🔥 #thisgirlisonfire

❤️BIG THANKS to my new little sister @dr3fastpitch Coach D for making the time to share her heart, time and energy with me any all of you!! She is definitely pursuing her calling as a coach!
“In this particular episode, Coach D is going to share with you her 14 years of experience of being a pitcher, the mentors that fed into her and helped her become the player that she was and the coach she is and strives to be daily. She also shares with you some of her heart! I highly encourage you to lean into this, grab a notebook, take notes and maybe a box of Kleenexes! Enjoy and as always thank you for listening. God bless.”

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❤️🥎❤️Coach Kally V.


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Watch the live YouTube clip here


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