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The Importance of Boundaries During Fastpitch Softball Tournaments as a Parent

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As a parent of a fastpitch softball player, it can be easy to become fully immersed in the excitement and intensity of tournament weekends. However, it's important to set healthy boundaries to avoid becoming overwhelmed and to ensure that both you and your young athlete have a positive tournament experience. Here are some tips for setting boundaries during fastpitch softball tournaments:

  1. Set limits on screen time and technology use. During tournament weekends, it can be tempting to spend all your downtime scrolling through your phone or watching TV. However, this can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety, and can also take away from the opportunity to connect with other parents and supporters. Set limits on your screen time and technology use to ensure that you stay present and engaged throughout the tournament weekend.
  2. Prioritize self-care. In addition to limiting screen time, it's important to prioritize self-care during tournament weekends. This might mean taking breaks from the action to relax and recharge, staying hydrated and well-fed, and getting enough sleep each night.
  3. Avoid excessive involvement in coaching or team management. While it's important to support your young athlete and their team, it's also important to avoid becoming overly involved in coaching or team management. This can put undue pressure on both you and your child, and can also contribute to conflicts with other parents or team members.
  4. Create a plan for managing stress and emotions. Fastpitch softball tournaments can be intense and emotional experiences for both players and parents. Something that worked well for me was the "24 Hour Rule." If I was upset about a tournament, game, bullpen, etc., I would wait to discuss this with my parents until 24 hours (if needed to be that long). Instead of having heated arguments/conversations on the car ride home, we would all take a breather and either talk about the positives or have a little quiet time to reflect before speaking. This helped maintain a healthy relationship and I didn't feel pressure to speak on my emotions, instead I could process the situation so I can respond respectfully. 


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