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50% off Fall Sale!!! Oct 21, 2023
The littles have my heart!😍 50% off Fall Sale for my Pitching 101 course for beginner parents, pitchers, & coaches 🥎 I’d love to help kick start your pitching journey ❤️ 
@performancepitch whip tool is perfect for beginner pitchers for underhand FEELS & all softball players...
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Pitching Tool: Queen of the Hill Sep 26, 2023
It’s time to #LEVELUP your at home training & I have all the resources for you 🥎 Take a look at my Online Pitching Membership 💯🔥💪🏽➡️DR3FastpitchU➡️Pitching 201: Online Pitching Membership 
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One of my favorite...
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Virtual Group Lessons to Take Your Pitcher to the #NextLevel Sep 22, 2023
Game-changing Virtual Group Sessions featuring Utah’s phenomenal Twisters 16u Pitching Staff! 🥎🫶🏽💯
These four exceptional athletes are part of my exclusive Online Pitching Membership, where they embrace structured practice plans, engage in a supportive community, and receive...
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Explosive Training: Why it MATTERS for Your Softball Pitcher Sep 17, 2023
Why Explosive Training Matters for Softball Pitchers:
* Muscle Power: Develop fast-twitch muscle fibers for explosive strength.
* Leg Drive: Improve force generation from the ground up.
* Core Stability: Enhance stability for efficient energy transfer.
* Speed and Agility: Boost...
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DR3 Equipment Partnership Sep 16, 2023
Use code “DR3” for a discount 🥎
Love this product, company, & mission! 💯
Linked on under Partnerships/Equipment 🥎
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Fastpitch Softball Spin Rate Tool for Pitchers Sep 13, 2023

We love using the @spindr_softball while warming up our pitches! We even like throwing it full speed as it’s the perfect visual / tattle tail for spin rate 🥎

Use code “DR3” for a discount! 🥎💯
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#DeepBreath #NextPitch #LEVELUP
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