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Pitching Tool: Queen of the Hill

#athlete #fastpitch #fastpitchsoftball #pitching #pitchingtool #powerpitching #softball #softballplayer #training Sep 26, 2023
It’s time to #LEVELUP your at home training & I have all the resources for you 🥎 Take a look at my Online Pitching Membership 💯🔥💪🏽➡️DR3FastpitchU➡️Pitching 201: Online Pitching Membership 
#DeepBreath #NextPitch #LEVELUP 
One of my favorite tools, @groundforcesports Queen of the Hill! Use discount code “DR3” 🥎 Perfect for ground force and front side resistance training for pitchers & hitters 🔥🔥🔥

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