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Importance of Stretching Before & After Physical Activity

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Why do we NEED to properly warm our bodies up before & after physical activity?!?!



1. Improved range of motion: Stretching can help increase your range of motion and flexibility, which is essential for pitchers to achieve proper mechanics and maximize their pitch velocity. The more you work you put in the weight room getting stronger, you should equally be focusing on increasing mobility, stability, & flexibility. This is something I DID NOT do during my career and if I did, I know for a fact I wouldn’t of had 7+ injuries from 14-21 years old. I wish more than anything I focused on flexibility & mobility over strength training due to how tight my body was 24/7.


2. Reduced risk of injury: Pitching puts a lot of stress on the body, especially if our mechanics are off. Proper stretching before throwing can help reduce the risk of injury by preparing these joints and the surrounding muscles for the demands of pitching. Again, I wish I listened to this advice earlier in my career. I waited until I was 20 years old to finally start listening to my body screaming at me to stretch it out better.


3. Improved performance: Stretching can help increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, which can help pitchers perform at their best and maintain their velocity throughout a bullpen, game, practice, etc. Utilize your time stretching to also focus on visualization! Crank out two things at once: warming your body up & mentally preparing to attack your game/bullpen/practice etc.



1. Improved recovery: Pitching can cause muscle soreness and stiffness. I was very stiff and sore in my upper back and peck during my career. Stretching after throwing can help speed up recovery by increasing blood flow to these muscles and reducing soreness and stiffness. I am having @gaboltscarver girls stretch for 5-10 minutes after they throw in a game. I will post our routine at the end of the month.


2. Reduced risk of injury: Stretching after throwing can help prevent muscle tightness and reduce the risk of injury for the future. I understand you’re tired and it’s been a long day, but I PROMISE you, your body will thank you later. No one can make you do this, you need to be disciplined on doing what’s best for your future. I wish I listened to this advice at a earlier age, but I always thought “I’m fine”.


3. Improved flexibility: Regular stretching after throwing can help improve overall flexibility and range of motion, which is important for maintaining proper mechanics and preventing injury in the long-term. Think LONG TERM. If you want to make it 4 years at the college level, it starts in highschool. Don’t wait until you actually feel 90 years old like I did to listen to what your body is telling you.  I promise you, the physical pain causes mental and emotional distress on top of dealing with school & real life…. Protect your body while you’re young!!! Add this into your routine. Not only when you’re hurting, but EVERY SINGLE TIME before and after you throw. Get in the habit of doing before it’s too late like I did!


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