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Lets Talk Changeups!

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At any level, specifically the elite level, it is important to mix speeds and have a good changeup because it increases the chances of getting the batter to make an out. A good changeup can disrupt the timing of the batter, making it more difficult for them to make solid contact with the ball. Additionally, having a variety of pitches with different speeds and movement makes it harder for the batter to anticipate and adjust to the pitch, which can lead to more swings and misses.

Having a good changeup can also help to keep the batter guessing and off balance, which can cause them to make more mistakes and swing at pitches that are out of the strike zone. Additionally, a changeup can be an effective pitch to use against power hitters, as it can cause them to swing early and potentially make contact with the ball before it has had a chance to move through the strike zone.

Every. Elite. Pitcher. Needs. A. Good. Changeup. To. Succeed. At. The. Next. Level.

If you plan to play against the highest competition in your age group, you need to master this pitch!

I’m a fan of a back spin changeup over a knuckle. Most of my pitchers do a variation of the circle / flip. A handful throw a knuckle change. But none of my girls do a “shove” or “push” change. Our goal is to create a lot of back spin or to create no spin at all.

Another important tip about changeups is we want to make it look like a fastball until last second! Keep your body moving quick so the other team can’t pick off your pitch. Also, if you hold a knuckle grip, HIDE YOUR HAND in your glove as long as possible so the other team can’t pick it off.

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