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DR3 Online Pitching Membership 101

#athlete #beginners #drills #education #fastpitchsoftball #onlinelessons #onlinemembership #pitching #softballcoach #softballpitcher Oct 04, 2023
Online Pitching Membership

Considering signing up for the DR3 Online Pitching Membership?  If you are check out of previous blog post about the benefits of online instruction: DR3 Online Membership Informational Blog Post

If you're wondering what an online membership looks like we're giving you an inside look at Module 1: Introduction to Fastpitch Softball Pitching.  By clicking through each section you will grow your knowledge on the basics of softball pitching, have a list of softball tools needed, get safety tips on how often you should be practicing, and as parents get a dedicated section for you with tips, tricks, and education to help your daughter begin her pitching journey! 

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