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Mental Approach to Hitting With Different Counts

#athlete #education #fastpitch #hittingapproach #hittingmentality #mindset #softball #softballeducation #training Sep 24, 2023
Softball Hitting Mentality

Lets talk your mental approach with different counts...

3-1 count: As a hitter this is one of the BEST counts to be in.  You have the pitcher beat and she has to come to you!  In this count we aren't chasing anything and are looking for our favorite pitch to hit.  One of my favorite sayings in this count is "One pitch, one spot" and that's exactly what you're looking for.  If the pitch isn't one you can crush you take it because you have a strike to play with.

0-2: Not a great spot to be in, but this is where we #LOCKIN. We are battling anything close to stay alive.  The longer you fight and foul off pitches the more you fatigue the pitcher which not only helps you, but also your team!  Expand your zone and be ready to attack pitches close to the edge of the zone.

3-2: This is where you and the pitcher are in a head-to-head battle.  As hitters, we're still fighting anything close, but also being disciplined and not chasing ball four.  Seeing the ball out of the pitchers hand is CRUCIAL in this count so we can fight off strikes, and let ball four go.

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