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The Mentality Series - 2

#adversity #advocacy #athlete #education #fastpitchsoftball #femaleathlete #leader #mentaltraining #mindset #softballcoach Nov 01, 2023
mentality series 2

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Embracing Change: The Key to Athletic Success

Change is the only constant in sports, and elite athletes know how to adapt. In this blog post, we delve into the importance of adaptability in an athlete's journey. Discover how the ability to adjust your approach in response to changing circumstances, whether it's dealing with injuries or environmental factors, can be a game-changer. 

The game of softball has already changed so much from when I was playing - its inevitable.  So, why is adaptability so important?  Well, for starters if you cannot adapt mentally how do you expect to adapt physically?  If you're unwilling to adapt to new techniques or circumstances then you will have a long road ahead.  Some tips on how to work to become an adaptable player starts with your internal dialog - be conscious about what you're thinking when a coach is instructing you.  Are you telling yourself "this makes no sense, this is so dumb, what's the point?" if so, check yourself and try to think in a more positive way - try thinking "I've never learned this way, let me try it out!, What do I understand from this that I can translate into how I was previously taught?" 

If you can redirect your thoughts to be positive and try to learn and grow from new instruction you'll be surprised how your body will adapt with you.  And as always, ASK QUESTION!! If you're not understanding what a coach is telling you ask them to explain further or if they could explain it another way as you don't fully understand.  It's rare you get in trouble for asking questions to better understand teachings!

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