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From Slump to Triumph: Overcoming Performance Plateaus

#adversity #athlete #fastpitch #mentaltraining #mindset #motivation #overcomingfailure #slumps #softball #softballplayer Sep 18, 2023
Overcoming a Softball Slump

As players, we've all been in a slump or two in our career ... if you haven't, just wait it's coming!  Slumps are a part of the game and something we will all experience as we grow.  Some helpful tips I learned as I navigated and overcame my slumps are: 

1. Trust my mechanics and go back to the basics - its easy to "freak out" and assume you're doing something physically wrong when you're in a slump.  Its important to remind yourself that this is just a phase.  When you're in the thick of a slump remember the mechanics you've been taught that work best for you and go back to what you KNOW you're good at.  For hitting it can be as simple as attacking the first strike you see, and focusing on hitting ground balls/ line drives up the middle.  

2. Staying mentally checked in - you can't always control the physicals of softball, but you can always stay mentally checked in.  50% of the game is your knowledge of it, so when you feel like your body is failing you rely on your mind!

3. Get extra reps - the more reps you take the more you perfect your craft.  Be the players that's comes early and stays late to put in the extra work.  The more you practice the less room for error and slumps will be easier to come out of

4. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - arguable the most important tip ... never give up on yourself.  Fight through the frustration of a slump and know that you will break out of it.  The minute you stop believing in yourself is when you will fall further into your slump.

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