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The Importance of Listening to Your Body and Advocating for Yourself

#adversity #advocacy #athlete #athletesparent #bodymovement #fastpitch #femaleathlete #injuryprevention #softballeducation #softballplayer Oct 02, 2023
Advocating for yourself

YOU are your biggest advocate.  In your day to day life and especially in your sports career it is crucial for you to advocate for yourself when something isn't right.

One of my biggest regrets in my career is allowing a coach to tell me "I was fine" and that "I didn't know how to handle adversity there's nothing wrong with me" when I KNEW something wasn't right.  Unfortunately for me, once the season was over and I told my parents the concerns I was having, they made me go see a doctor and my biggest fear was confirmed - I had re-torn the same ligaments I had just had surgery on the season prior.  The worst part is, I was relieved instead of upset about my injury because I had let my coach convince me I didn't know my body well enough and that I was "weak".  I was relieved to know I wasn't "crazy" but I was broken mentally, spiritually, and physically from pushing myself past my limit because my coach told me "I was fine".

For all of the parents and players out there - NEVER let someone else tell you how your body feels.  They cannot feel your pain or discomfort.  Stand up and speak out for yourself because life is so much more than just softball/sports and your quality of life matters once your playing days are over. 

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