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The Importance of Proper Body Movements in Fastpitch Pitching

#armcircle #athlete #balance #bodymovement #collegiateathlete #education #fastpitchsoftball #onlinemembership #pitchingcoach #powerpitching Oct 23, 2023
This is how we do it 😎
This video speaks for itself 🔥🔥🔥
I highly encourage all pitchers & pitching families to research how to properly move your body. Find an instructor who knows how to protect your body and teach you safe movement patterns. 
I’m guilty of not knowing this information until almost 4.5 years ago when I started doing lessons part time after hanging my cleats up. I spent hours researching about the human body & Pitching Educators who understood biomechanics. 14 years learning to pitch a different way... and I had an excessive amount of injuries from 14-21 years old...
At the time, I never thought all those injuries were from pitching. Now... I know they were. Now I know why the healing process took so long. Because I never learned how to properly move my body until after my college career was over. 
I am constantly learning, growing, and researching ways to help educate my pitchers the best I can. Both physically and mentally.
As a coach, I can’t expect my players to grow if I don’t do my job and continue growing as well. I would do my clients a disservice if I taught them everything I learned growing up when I know there is so much out there to continue learning.
Things change. Technology has changed. 
It’s almost 2024 people... time to make a change if you haven’t already 💯
Btw...These girls pitched/pitches at the highest level for a reason. Just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️
Need guidance on transitioning from Hello Elbow to Internal Rotation/Whip/Forearm Fire?! 
Check out Pitching 102 on DR3FastpitchU designed for pitchers, parents, and coaches working through the transition 🥎
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