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Miss Sophia - In Person Lesson Tips

#absolutes #athlete #bodymovement #drills #fastpitch #pitching #pitchingcoach #pitchingdrill #softball #training Oct 19, 2023

Sofia working on separation & whip patterns πŸ₯Ž

Focusing on her hips leading and staying stacked through release πŸ’―
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Grow Your IQ this Fall/Winter πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― Learn about: 
πŸ₯ŽGround Force
-Where Does Power Come From 
-How to Transfer Power 
πŸ₯ŽSpin Library: Fast, Change, Drop, Curve, Rise, Peel Screw, Off Speed
πŸ₯ŽExercise Library πŸ’― 
πŸ₯ŽHorizontal Force
-Triple Extension 
-Center of Gravity 
-External/Internal Shoulder Rotation 
-Forearm Pronation 
-Rotational Power
-Lower Body Leading Upper Body
πŸ₯ŽFront Side Resistance
-Hamstring Contracting 
- Stick your landing
πŸ₯ŽRhythm & Timing
-Increasing Accuracy 
-Body Sequencing 
Plus SO much more! Take a look inside the FREE 3 day trial πŸ’― 


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